Änaris Scarf

High quality design with a unique style, heart and passion

It’s all about details

Our design lays all in the details and tells a colorful story. At the same time we want you to make it yours, what ever emotion it may evoke.

The softest of silk

Our scarf is made of 100% natural silk. It is very soft and at the same time durable. Silk can both keep you warm or cool you down with both its nice texture and smooth touch.

Size matters

Our scarf is size 110×110 cm. This big size makes it possible to easily mix and match, or even create a new piece of clothing.

Änaris Signature Scarf

Festy Fairy

A play on the fairytale we all know and love.

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Let's hear it from some of our customers.

It is the most beautiful scarf I’ve ever bought! Very colorful and lively. I take it everywhere I go.


This is definitely my new fav item. It is very easy to match with every style. Sometimes I use it as a hairpiece and it looks awesome!

Natalie Hudson

I am in love with the softness of silk! If you go to the beach, this is a must!

Christina Smith